About Blogworm

Blogworm is an aggregator of blogs written by fantastic people I met on the internet.

I love blogs. I appreciate people who write them. Blogworm is my love letter to the blogosphere and the independent web.

Apart from being my personal feed reader, I want this site to amplify wide range of interesting voices that would otherwise get lost in my social media feeds.

And that name? Blogworm, like "bookworm", but for blogs. Get it? 🙃

And you are... who?

I'm Łukasz. Hailing from Warsaw, Poland. Nice to meet you! 👋

Can I suggest my blog?

Sorry, not at the moment. I have a sizable backlog of blogs to process and I'll be adding them in small batches over time.

If we have already met before (e.g. talked on Mastodon?) - there's a non-zero chance your blog is already on my list and I'll reach out to you soon.

If not, stay tuned. I'll update this section once I'm ready to accept submissions.

My blog is already here but I want to change something

Sure! Contact me or submit a GitHub issue. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Can I have a site like this for myself?

Yes! This site is relatively uncomplicated. I'm still working on the tutorial explaining how to do it, stay tuned. You can, however, grab a starter template for a site like this or check out project code on GitHub.